Last Update: Fri May 18 20:56:08 EDT 2007

Atchoum, a static website framework

Atchoum helps you build cool static website composed of html files by helping you write less code and use the mighty power of Markaby

It’s packed with a webserver to build up your site and when you’re ready for the real thing, it dumps the html files for you to upload them to your server with joy and excitment.

Sample script

Here’s an example of a really simple website:

  require 'atchoum'
  class Sections < Atchoum::Website
    def index_page
      h1 'My simple site'
      a 'contact me!', :href => :contact
    def contact_page
      h1 'Contact me'

The resulting site will be composed of a main page (index_page) at the root of the site at / and a contact page (contact_page) at /contact/.

You can then run the ruby script and html files will be spawning everywhere or better you can start the included webrick server to test your site before you throw it in the wild.

Check out the other examples in

Basic usage

To run the standalone WEBrick server hit:

  ruby mysite.rb -s

To output your whole site as HTML files try:

  ruby mysite.rb -d

If you’re lost or confused, type:

  ruby mysite.rb -?

Good luck little static solider!


To install :

  gem install atchoum --source

Marc-Andre Cournoyer